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Where to print books?

There is no single answer to this question. There are many places where to print books, but for every need one option is best.

Giving advice is dangerous.

What may be a success for one person may not work so well for another, so you must be careful and be very rigorous in your choice.

Where to print books on demand

This question is more detailed. Print on demand is a trend. That is, you want to print books one by one. So you only print when the sale has already been made.

This is, in fact, the Amazon model. The issue with this type of printing is that it can only be done with a standardised format, where all the books are the same as those of your competitors.

Printing books one at a time is a job that printers cannot do, as it would involve a one-off set-up for a single copy.

In addition to the shipping costs for each book, the price becomes very expensive.

If you want to make a profit margin, it is better to make a small investment in a small print run. After all, if you’re not betting on the success of your book and you don’t think you’ll be able to sell 50 or 100 books? Maybe you don’t value your work as much.

So where do you print small print runs of books?

This is where your options open up.

If your book is forpersonal purposes (dissertations, university work, copies of books for study purposes…) we recommend you to go to a local copy shop.

If your book is a gift, there are some websites on the internet that offer personalised gifts. For example a personalised story for a birthday present.

If it is for commercial purposes, we recommend 100% a professional book manufacturer. A printing company specialised in book manufacturing will offer you competent prices from as little as 50 or 100 copies.

Althoughnumbers are relative.

For a new author, printing 200 books may seem like a lot. There are publishers who produce thousands of books in a single print run.

We do not like to name specific brands as our own recommendation. However, depending on the type of book you want to print:

Google print children’s books, or print novels, or print trilogy….

Among the results you will find printers and manufacturers who can do it, talk to them, ask them and when one fits what you are looking for, it is the place where to print books, it is the best option for you.

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